About me

John Gárate is a third generation Galapagueño, born on the island of Santa Cruz. He has had a love of the natural flora and fauna since early childhood.  As a young boy, he traveled with his uncle, a captain, to the different islands in the Galapagos archipelago. He began to learn about the unique and delicate ecosystem and the wildlife of the islands at a very early age.

John has been working as a professional naturalist guide since 1992.  He is also a certified dive master and has worked as a dive guide in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.  He is a published nature photographer. On November 3, 2006 CORREOS DEL ECUADOR, Ecuadorean Postal Service, launched for the very first in Galapagos a series of Postal stamps. John’s photos were selected for the complete Galapagos series of postal stamps. His photography was registered in the History books of Ecuador.


In addition to working in the Galapagos he also works as a trip leader to other South American destinations.  He brings his knowledge, love and enthusiasm for the area with him to work.  He truly enjoys sharing the experience.


John and his family makes his home in Santa Cruz, Galapagos and the Florida Coast. He enjoys hiking, architectural design and cooking.  He is developing an environmental education program for the children of the Galapagos in hopes to inspire Galapagueño children to learn about and care for their homeland. He is a Board Member and Galapagos Representatitve for a non-profit organization Children of Galapagos.  He speaks fluent English, Spanish and comprehensible Italian.